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Enjoy happy hour without ruining your skin

It is no secret that alcohol dehydrates the body. Simply put, drinking alcohol throws your skin off balance with the oils it naturally produces, while also promoting dryness via water loss—both internally and by evaporation from its surface.

The Fix
: You must wash your face after a few drinks and apply a good moisturizer at bedtime. Look for the 

Hyaluronic Acid
that rehydrates the skin deeply—it holds 1000x its weight in moisture. Also, be sure to drink water throughout the evening to balance out your moisture levels. Do not wait until the end of the night to guzzle water. Your body can only absorb so much water at once and will quickly eliminate the excess. Instead, be sure to drink 
small sips of water
 throughout the night.

Puffy Eyes

The reason we get puffy 
the day after drinking is because alcohol causes tiny blood vessels to become a little leaky. It's literally water under the skin you see accumulating. The thin youtonics skin of the eye area shows the most bloating.

The Fix
: Do the following 5 things:

At dinner, do not eat too much salt
. The less salt the better, simply because salt retains water, leading to more puffiness.

At bedtime and the next day take a Vitamin B complex which is a natural diuretic and will help your body excrete the excess fluid that leaked into your puffy eyes. It also relaxes the nervous system to help you sleep (alcohol reduces R.E.M. Sleep) and may alleviate symptoms of a hangover.

Apply an 
eye cream
. I also added Vitamin B ingredients to my 
depuffing eye cream
because as a topical it helps reduce puffiness.

I recommend using 
two pillows 

in bed to prop yourself up and help prevent water from accumulating around the eyes.

The next morning, do 
aerobic exercise 

that revs up your body and helps mobilizes fluid out from your eyes, into your circulation, and out through the kidneys.
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